Daily pressures…

So school starts tomorrow, and I am so not ready. I have been slacking in school work for a while now, which I know, I know, isn’t acceptable for an O’ Level student, but I just can’t help the extra tension. I started off this year really motivated as ever, but right now? Not so much. Even though it’s been just 2 days off the actual official school days, I feel like it’s been weeks since I last actually studies at school. I got sick last week & skipped 2 days. I have been cutting down on my extra english classes & every time I try setting myself back on track something comes up. It just has to. From being backstabbed by the closest to me, to being sick, to non-stop test for a week, to math tuition, to Eid, to the pressure of up coming Controlled Assessments, to finding which university and major I want to continue my further studies. AHHHH.

I have come to a point where I don’t know what I want in future. Is it just me and the stress? Or does anyone else feel like this?

One thought on “Daily pressures…

  1. Sweetheart! You’re not the only one going through this, I know exactly how it feels like, and honestly I didn’t do ANY work till the last 2 months of school.. Which got me by to be honest, but I don’t recommend it, and these are just rough patches that anyone goes through, so take like a week to just think things through, and the week after, start getting back on track.. Like.. HARDCORE. because the people who backstab you aren’t gonna stay in your life forever, but you will.. You will always be there for yourself, so like.. Be the person you want to be with, I know this is a stupid advice, but I’m trying lol.. And most importantly, don’t compare yourself to people, everyone has their own difficulties.. But DO try to be the best.. You already are the best, but there’s nothing wrong with trying.. Take care and consider what I said please ❤

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