Like Hills and Valleys

Exhaustion. That. Is. Exactly. How I’m feeling right now. Today has been one long day, with it’s ups and downs, like I would say, it’s ‘hills and valleys’. School was alright, I had extra english lessons, where the teacher instructed us on how we’re expected to write the controlled assessment. It was all boring, up until the part where she said ‘You’ll be given a day to type it during class hours.’

I am so psyched! No, not really. Haha. But you know honestly speaking…? I am in stage where I don’t think about things. The ‘Just do it’ kind of way. Like What are you going to lose? Probably nothing. So you might as well do it. ugh. nvm that. I have to get going for tonight/day because I have heaps of studies and books to be done for tomorrow, and not to mention a chemistry test on topics that have been dealt with in my absence. I don’t know how I’m gonna pass tomorrow’s test but I have to. Mission impossible? Now possible.

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