Is it just me or does anyone else also believes that, people lack the basic logical thinking. Especially when it comes to materialistic issues and appearances. I mean, I was sitting today with dad earlier today, right after lunch to do some catching up and one on one time. And I don’t know what brought it up, but dad told me that he wouldn’t just splurge his money on something that isn’t worth it, and I partially agreed to it. Because, yes. I wouldn’t splurge my money on something TOTALLY not worth it when I have responsibilities and duties. I mean, yes I would do a one time splurge on something crazy but I wouldn’t go buy a bag worth 40 grands (40,000) on that bag that I’ve always dreamed of. I mean not on something I’d throw away or change in 1 year. I mean, the amount of money spent on stuff, especially unnecessary stuff, like that to serve only the purpose of showing off appearances, that’s illogical and insane! It’s better off given to third world countries.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t go ahead and treat yourself with that awesome Prada bag or whatever. I’m just saying to hold on a second and think about it.

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