G’morning you guys! It’s like 6:17 AM and I JUST woke up. As you can see, I forgot to post last night, because I was too busy preparing for my maths test! Anyways, I have some good news & some bad! Yesterday at school, we were told and lectured on how to do our CA (Controlled Assessments). Honestly speaking? I’m excited! Because it’s the easiest part of my boards. Worst part is, we’ll be placed in groups to do the experiments, and I don’t look forward to that, because I don’t know who I’ll be placed with!

Bad news however, is that I have been going through my GCSE Board Exams Timetable, for TWO days now. The thing is, I HATE it. Who puts B1 & B2 with English Prose?! That’s like asking a person to jump of a cliff. Things aren’t turning out the way I wanted to do, but el7mdellah anyways. I don’t say life’s not good or as they say a ‘bitch’, I’m just saying I’m going through a rough patch.

P.S.: I miss my brother S, who I haven’t seen in almost a month now! Thanks to the racing season in AD. 😦

Have a good day x

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