Nothing beats an opportunity to get all glammed up!

It’s soooo good to be back at home finally, after a long weekend! This weekend has sure been eventful! I skipped school on Thursday for a good ass sleep, and boy do I NOT regret it. Besides, who could’ve blamed me?! I was practically on zombie mode all through out the week! I woke up at 12pm, showered, had breakfast or shall I say brunch? Then checked my instagram and tumblr! Then I packed for a weekend in Dubai! Had lunch with the family, and off I went to the city of life!

Once I reached there, we met up with my sister ‘F’ and my two twin nephews (love them to death) in dubai mall. Had a good ass shopping spree with the sisters, and when I say good I actually mean, REALLLY GOOD!

As far as I remember we haven’t ever had the chance to go shopping ALL TOGETHER! Let me tell you how shopping with sister, is bad for your wallet. I went to Dubai for buying essential winter pieces, but ended up with everything I liked in sight. Yeah. I know.

Woke up the next day, and had a family breakfast, and headed to MCC (Mirdif City Centre) for another shopping spree. I don’t think I should even call it ‘Shopping Spree’, I like to think of it as ‘Retail Therapy’. Hahahaha

Once the shopping was done, we had a family lunch at PF Chang’s along with my brother-in-law. One of my favourite, favourite chinese restaurants! (If you haven’t try it, then you should. I’m serious. Do it. Like as soon as you can.)

Then I headed back home, and arrived at 5pm! Had to go to my cousin’s engagement party at 8pm. So I rushed to get dressed and ready for it. But the results were, magnificent!

I don’t know why, but big parties always make me feel obnoxious, and paranoid. Old ladies stare, girls do too, awkward smiles, mom making me say hi to relatives I barely know, fighting the urge to dance, worrying that my lipstick doesn’t come on my teeth, ladies with a mask for a face, that’s all part of the package, but nothing beats an opportunity to get all glammed up.

I wore a black dress with a soft up-do, some neutral but defined eyes and maroon red for my lips, don’t forget the false lashes! I styled it with a black with old accents clutch and some nice gold heels for that extra height (that I apparently need)!

Yesterday was glamorous, wish I could say the same about today. I went to math tuition only find out that I have a math test tomorrow. Like, WHAT EVEN ON EARTH IS THIS? Let me tell you what kind of day tomorrow is. It’s a lazy-hectic-can-I-stay-at-home-and-be-a-house-wife-forever-and-take-care-of-the-kids-and-the-house-kind of day. I have 6 math periods, a total of 3.6 hours of math, with 2 breaks in between. I mean, ugh. Followed by a vaccination against Tetanus and some other thing (Which I don’t remember). I gotta brace myself.

Good night x

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