Deception is a wonderful trait…

I’ve had enough of your deception. I’ve had enough of your half-truth, and I’m certainly done with you. Walk away, but be sure to know that this time, it’s not going to be in your favour. You are one hell of a joke. You look me in the eye and say that ‘you mean no harm’, but deep down, harm is all you’re intended on.

Well listen up sweetheart, you are so full of yourself. Thinking you could get away with all things you’ve done? You need a reality check because, if being completely self-centred is what makes you happy, you must be ecstatic these days!

But you should know that the old me? She’s dead and gone. I realised people with big hearts can’t survive in this society. I’ve spent days, convinced that I’m over-analysing things. But guess what? I finally know who to blame. Image

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