DIY: Cute Glass Containers!

I’m here today with a new DIY idea! I just LOVE DIY projects! Apart from the fact that you could revamp old stuff, you actually can have fun with it, (atleast I know I do!)

So let’s get this started!


You will need:

  • An old brush.
  • Glitter (Colour of your choice).
  • Some heavy duty crafts glue. (Suitable for glass)
  • Glass container of your choice.
  • A safe workplace.
  • A towel.
  • Old Plate.


 First off, peel off any stickers, and  wash the glass container very thoroughly, then wipe the container till dry with a towel. This is to ensure that the glue has a good and clean base to stick on to. 


Unseal the glue cap.


 Use the plate to pour a generous amount of glue, then pour in the glitter and mix well, until you obtain a good consistency. If the glue is too runny, add more glitters, and if it’s too chunky, add more glue.


 Get your brush, and dip it into the mixture that you’ve prepared, and paint the insides of the container. Paint even strokes to ensure so you avoid gaps. Voila! ImageImage

Now, make sure to give your container at least 24hrs to dry completely!

This is a really easy DIY, and a very good way to glam up your room. I use these containers to store little nicknacks, like bobby pins, hair bands, makeup brushes, etc. It keeps my things organized, much, much better.

I hope you enjoyed this! Do try it out and show me what you came up with!

Love Always,

Shamma x.

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