The 5 Friends that You Really Need ~

I look at some people, and I see that they have TONS of friends, while some have a few close ones. I happen to fall under the latter. It’s not really important to actually have TONS of friends, that I’ve learnt through my experiences. It’s making sure you are surrounded with the people who are the nearest to your heart. I personally think that I need a few of ‘good quality’ friends, (whatever that means, right?) But, really. Here are five types of friends I think are essential to have in every person’s life.

  1. The Mentor. Usually it’s a person who’s older, could be your sister, brother, mother, father, a person in school, etc. Find someone you could always run to when things get tough, obviously because they’re more experienced than you are.
  2. The confidant. Obviously, a person you trust. Whether you trust with an advice regarding how your butt looks in a pair of pants, hahaha, or a truthful opinion about something personal, it’s always good to have a person you can trust. They’re VERY hard to come by, but once you do find one, hold on to them even when things get tough!
  3. The banter buddy. You’re a chatterbox who would make any Gossip Girl fan proud and you need a gossip outlet. So who’s the Serena to your Blair? You know that you can’t call just ANY friend and talk for hours. So embrace the women who considers endless hours of chatting as one of life’s greatest luxuries, and find someone who shares the same gift as you do!
  4. The play pal. Seek a person that is always up for something spontaneous and is willing to make time. Whether it’s the gym, the pool, a walk, lunch, or maybe just manis and pedis.
  5. The protégé. Look around you: do you have a friend that is younger than you? If you do, then you’ve found your ‘protégé’! It’s always good to have a person that has the ability to surprise you with her/his insight into life.


So I dedicate this post to my friends, I love you guys to pluto and back. No matter how far or how long we’ve been apart, as long as we both remember… We’re still connected! x


[Disclaimer: Since I don’t have the permission of my friends to post this picture, I blurred out the faces. So YAY for ghost face! AND group hugs! Hahahaha]


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