Collective Haul: Makeup ♢


I know I haven’t been posting in MONTHS! I’m not gonna apologize for it, because, I’ve been preparing for my mocks, and I found it very hard to focus on more than one thing at a time. But I’m back, for a few days till my boards actually start! During my absence from blogging-world, I had a few visits to the stores here and there.  So let me introduce you to some amazing products, and some not-so-amazing ones too…Image

This is a limited edition Smashbox eyeshadow palette, from their ‘Love Me’ line. They have 3 different palettes, however I bought the ‘Admire ME’ one. This palette is AMAZING. The eyeshadows have a very nice soft texture, and good pigmentation power!


I really loved the packaging of this product.

As you can see the palette has “Love Me” written in black plastic and that layer lifts up so you can get to the actual shadows underneath.  I love the shape inside, though the smaller areas can be trickier to get into with a brush.


As you guys can see, it has very tiny sparkles, which actually makes it softer and easier to blend, when comparing it to usual shimmery shadows.


Here’s the swatch… Now, this is just one swipe of the colours. So starting from left to right.

We’ve got a  Deep Golden Brown, which is really good as a crease colour, or just for a brown smoky eye. Then a Matt Nude colour, which is perfect for a crease colour, when you want to keep your eye makeup minimal but with a little definition. Then we’ve got a Champagne colour, which is so versatile on it’s own. Then on to a Soft Shimmering Coral, which adds a really soft colour. Finally, a Shimmering Bronze.

I’m really loving this palette right now, especially with Summer coming up, warm colours are the way to go for me!


While I was in Sephora, the lady working at Smashbox recommended this foundation to me. So, I swatched it! I loved the consistency, coverage, and the hydrating formula.

I bought one, and started using it. Let me tell you… I have never seen a foundation last this long! The foundation claims to last ’15 hours’, which is not entirely true… However it does last long in HOT weather in comparison to other foundations. I also found out that I don’t really need to use a setting powder to set it. It leaves my face matte, without looking …’caked’ on?

Verdict: I quite like this. I don’t think I’ve been THIS thrilled about a foundation before. So I highly recommend it!


I think by now you guys are like, ‘Smashbox? AGAIN?!’ But really guys, I’m really liking their new products. If you haven’t tried any of their products, am pretty sure you’re gonna like something! With Smashbox, there’s something for everyone! Quit rambling and tell us what this is! This is their new Halo Long-Wear blush. I believe that it actually speaks for itself.


The thing about this that really drew me in, was that it had a built-in grinder, which gives me control over how much of the product I wanted. However, the only drawback was that things could get mess!


Verdict: I love the sheerness of this blush! However you can build it up. It does last throughout the day. It is very pigmented so, a little goes a very long way with this one!


Next up! Brow zings by Benefit! It’s basically a brow kit.


The kit includes a soft, pigmented wax that defines and shapes brows and a color complementing setting powder to keep them looking wow, plus discreet tweezers for pesky stray hairs, a hard angle brush, and a blending brush.

At first I was a little skeptical about the wax/powder duo. However, I didn’t  like the powder, as it is pure brown, and have darker eyebrows, so the colour pay-off was a little ridiculous, I would say…

Verdict: I really liked this, however I don’t think I’ll be using it on myself. I don’t know… Maybe give it to someone that can totally make this product work for them.


More on eyebrows! I bought the Makeup Forever ‘AQUA BROW’ eyebrow corrector. I saw a review on this product on youtube, so I was on the look out ever since. I’m like obsessed with this one already! I like that they have a wide range of colours to match your actual hair! So this product is a must-have product.


It comes in a black mesh case, which is really thoughtful of them, as it keeps your product and brushes together. Along with the eyebrow corrector, an angled brush and a spooly. The brushes make the application more natural. The formula of the brow corrector is AMAZING. It does stay longer than I thought, which is a good thing!

Verdict: I am absolutely in love with the Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow. I can easily say it is my Holy Grail Eyebrow product and I can’t see myself finding something else that suits my needs better.


Finally. I got myself an Urband Decay ‘Eyeshadow Primer Potion’. Nothing much to say about this. It’s amazing, but so is NARS eyeshadow primer. I’m really happy with the new packaging of this product, as the old one didn’t really work for so many people. However, the only problem I have with this is that, some times if the product stays in for too long, it tends to ‘separate’ its contents, so it turns REALLY runny. To fix my problem, I found out that I had to shake it really well before using it. I don’t know if this is a common problem, or whether I just got a ‘bad’ one…?


Verdict: I still do love this, and I’ll probably repurchase this once it’s over!

This finishes my haul, I hope you enjoyed reading all the reviews. Leave a comment if you’d like!


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