Meet the Marilyn Monroe of our era…

I’m sure you guys heard the name ‘Dita Von Teese’ somewhere. I mean, I sure did. But I never took the chance to actually know who she is. As far as I concerned she was a lady who made makeup! Only to find out today that, that’s not all that is to her.

Apart from her makeup, she also designs lingerie, is a burlesque dancer, a pin-up model, and a fashion icon!


After watching a LOT of her interviews, I realised how down-to-earth she is. Basically she does her own makeup, hair and outfits for all her shows! When asked about the secret of her skin-care routine, she said, ‘No sun, no cigarettes.’


Her entire life is based on old Hollywood glamour, which I have to admit is extravagant.

She was inspired by starlets like Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth, etc. She is all about creating this picture of glamour and creation and creating an image that is larger than life.


Her figure is more of an hourglass shape, which I find absolutely beautiful by all means!


She is never spotted outside her house without her signature red pout,winged eyeliner, and a vintage item.


I have no idea about you guys, but she’s pretty amazing. I think that she’s one of those rare people who don’t belong to 2012, and she deserves more than what she gets as a lady making it in this tough and fake world. Truly inspiring.

True sexiness has many facets. The elements include things like confidence, strength, intelligence, and humor. – Dita Von Teese.