Beauty Spotlight: RiRi for MAC


Sure, there’s the ongoing media obsession over her relationship with Chris Brown, but that’s balanced out by her Grammy-winning singing career, her new fashion line with ‘River Island’ and, now, a new, groundbreaking deal with MAC Cosmetics.


The first product to launch will be ‘RiRi Woo’ (above), a lipstick inspired by the classic MAC red Ruby Woo – a favourite of Rihanna’s.

Rihanna approached the task with a laser focus. “She wanted RiRi Woo to be slightly more blue-red and retro matte — a matte with moisturizer finish we’d used in a collection years ago and currently only have in one product,” said Balbier (MAC’s senior vice president of global product development). “She was especially adamant that the color be suitable for every skin tone.”

I am super excited to get my hands on this lipstick! However, the dates of the international launch has not be set yet.

I’ll be a keeping an eye on this, I’m sure you guys will too! Am I right ladies?